The use of personal information communicated to Bodrum Feribot (Bodrum Feribot İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş.) through this page is only possible in accordance with the conditions declared in the Privacy Policy section.


Information regarding obligations and principles of Bodrum Feribot İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş. is given under the title personal information. We, Bodrum Feribot İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş., hereby confirm that the relevant rules shall be completely fulfilled by our party. In this way, we take all the care for keeping all sorts of information collected by our party with tight security and confidentiality measures taken by our staff in accordance with the personal information collection principles described below.

Our website contains links to other websites, which prove to be adequately sensitive on confidentiality issue and which comply with our standards. However, Bodrum Feribot İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş. cannot be hold responsible for contents or confidentiality applications of the concerned websites.


You hereby agree that the personal information, which can be acquired through the website, shall be collected and used by Bodrum Feribot İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş. besides connected companies, partners, agents.

It is obligatory to provide some personal information, including but not limited to name, surname, identity, document number, address, credit / bank card numbers, expiry date, security number, passport number and nationality for products or services that you have requested.

Failure to provide the information required to carry out your transactions may result in nonfulfillment of the services to be rendered. Your information will be used only for purposes which are listed below:

  • Process of your reservation and sales and account management.
  • The marketing of our services and related products.
  • Implementation of statistics regarding your transactions.
  • Constitution of connection lists in order to ensure our contact’s continuity with you
  • Combination of commercial statistics and analysis with regards to use of our web site.
  • Verification of identification and constitution of registries.
The forms which you use to transmit your personal data, are encrypted with SSL technology. All your personal data is protected within a tightly secured and confidential environment as soon as it is delivered to our servers.

Your browser must be supporting SSL-encrypted browsing and browser’s SSL options must be activated in order to make use of our website.

The information which you have provided, will be withheld for your transactions and in accordance with legal regulations.

We are constantly developing our web site whilst new developments occur on data usage. Such developments will be informed to you within the rules and regulations mentioned under "Privacy Policy" title.


You will be provided with a reservation code (PNR) after completing your transaction. You are requested to keep this PNR code confidential since any third party may use your PNR code in order to access your reservation information. A single reservation may be processed for a group and therefore all group members would have the same PNR code on their tickets. You may consider to place one reservation for your own use in case you do not wish any third party to access your reservation details. Bodrum Feribot İşletmeciliği Tic. A.Ş. does not accept any responsibility for any loss or your privacy’s intrusion due to any third party’s unauthorized access to your reservation details.